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[尖沙咀] 萬事昌廣場 (Multifield Plaza) 辦公室放售放租 [尖沙咀] 萬事昌廣場 (Multifield Plaza) 辦公室放售放租

Office Unit At Multifield Plaza In Tsimshatsui For Sell And For Rent

物業: 萬事昌廣場
Property: Multifield Plaza

Address:3 Prat Avenue,Tsimshatsui

面積/Area: 2844’G/呎(建築)

售價/Price: HK$30,800,000

租金/Rental : HK$84,000

入伙日期/OP Date:02 – 1994 Read More

[尖沙咀] 佐敦鴻運大樓 (Lucky House) 兩房住宅單位放租 [尖沙咀] 佐敦鴻運大樓 (Lucky House) 兩房住宅單位放租

2 – Room Residential Unit At Lucky House ,Jordan, In Tsimshatsui For Rent

物業: 鴻運大樓
Property:Lucky House

Address:20-24 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui

面積/Area: 355 ‘ 呎/N(實用)

租金/Rental : HK$13,000

入伙日期/OP Date:06 -1961 Read More

[尖沙咀] 華暉大廈 (Wah Fai Mansion) 兩房住宅單位放售 [尖沙咀] 華暉大廈 (Wah Fai Mansion) 兩房住宅單位放售

Two Rooms Residential Unit At Wah Fai Mansion In Tsimshatsui , For Sell

物業: 華暉大廈
Property:Wah Fai Mansion

Address:38-40 Granville Road ,Tsimshatsui

面積/Area: 322 ‘ 呎/N(實用)

售價/Price: Around $4,000,000

入伙日期/OP Date:05 – 1980 Read More

[尖沙咀] 瓊林閣 (Hillwood Court) 開放式住宅單位放租 [尖沙咀] 瓊林閣 (Hillwood Court) 開放式住宅單位放租

Studio Residential Unit At Hillwood Court In Tsimshatsui , For Rent

物業: 瓊林閣
Property:Hillwood Court

Address:22-28 Hillwood Road ,Tsimshatsui

面積/Area: 402 ‘ 呎/N(實用)

租金/Rental : Around $16,500

入伙日期/OP Date:06 – 1975 Read More

[尖沙咀] 美園大廈 (Beauty Mansion) 住宅單位放租 [尖沙咀] 美園大廈 (Beauty Mansion) 住宅單位放租

尖沙咀美園大廈 (Beauty Mansion) 住宅單位放租
2 – Room Residential Unit At May Wah Court , In Tsimshatsui For Rent

物業: 美園大廈
Property:Beauty Mansion

Address:69-71AKimberley Road , Tsimshatsui

面積/Area: 765 ‘ 呎/N(實用)

租金/Rental : HK$30,000

入伙日期/OP Date:06 -1965 Read More

[尖沙咀] 黃達榮大廈 (Wong Tat Wing Court) 兩房住宅單位放售 [尖沙咀] 黃達榮大廈 (Wong Tat Wing Court) 兩房住宅單位放售

Two Rooms Residential Unit At Wong Tat Wing Court In Tsimshatsui , For Sell

物業: 黃達榮大廈
Property:Wong Tat Wing Court

Address:14-16 Hillwood Road ,Tsimshatsui

面積/Area: 566 ‘ 呎/N(實用)

售價/Price: Around $7,000,000

入伙日期/OP Date:1972 / 42 Year Read More

[尖沙咀] 金百龍大廈 (Cumberland House) 住宅單位放售 [尖沙咀] 金百龍大廈 (Cumberland House) 住宅單位放售

Residential Flat At Cumberland House In Tsimshatsui For Sell.

物業: 金百龍大廈
Property: Cumberland House

Address:227 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui

面積/Area: 1073′ N/呎(實用)

價格/Price: HK$6,500,000

入伙日期/OP Date:08 /1963 Read More

[尖沙咀] 九龍站擎天半島 (Sorrento) 地標住宅單位放售 [尖沙咀] 九龍站擎天半島 (Sorrento) 地標住宅單位放售

Residential Unit At Landmark Building – Sorrento In Tsimshatsui For Sell.

物業: 擎天半島
Property: Sorrento

Address:1 Austin Road West,Tsimshatsui

面積/Area: 846’G/呎(建築)- 621 ‘N/呎(實用)

價格/Price: HK$12,280,000

入伙日期/OP Date:Oct 2002 Read More

[尖沙咀] 尖沙咀業廣商業大廈 (Landwide Commercial Building) 辦公室出售 [尖沙咀] 尖沙咀業廣商業大廈 (Landwide Commercial Building) 辦公室出售

Office Unit At Landwide Commercial Building In Tsimshatsui , For Sell

物業: 業廣商業大廈
Property:Landwide Commercial Building

址址: 尖沙咀柯士甸道118-120號
Address:118-120 Austin Road, TST

面積/Area:800 ‘ 呎/G(建築)

售價/Price: $5,480,000

入伙日期/OP Date:06 /1974 Read More

[尖沙咀] 尖沙咀金巴利街 (Ground Floor Shop At Kimberley Street) 地舖出租 [尖沙咀] 尖沙咀金巴利街 (Ground Floor Shop At Kimberley Street) 地舖出租

Shop At Milton Mansion In Tsimshatsui, For Rent

物業: 金巴利街地舖
Property: Ground Floor Shop At Kimberley Street

面積/Area:1400 ‘G/呎(建築)

售價 / Price:$135,000

Suitable For All Kind Of Business Read More

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