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紅磡黃埔花園 (Whampao Garden) 三房一套海景住宅單位放租放售 紅磡黃埔花園 (Whampao Garden) 三房一套海景住宅單位放租放售

紅磡黃埔花園 (Whampao Garden) 三房一套海景住宅單位放租放售
3 Rooms 1 Suite Sea View Residential Unit At The Whampao Garden In Hunghom For Rent And For Sell

Property:Whampao Garden

Address:8 Wan Hoi Street , Hunghom

面積/Area: 827 ‘ 呎/N(實用)

Price: By Offer

入伙日期/OP Date:Dec 1988 Read More

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